The new benchmark for uroflow system

Product Description


  • Convenient CONUS Home
  • Flow system
  • Wireless
  • The first Windows-based uroflow system

In the past few years, urodynamics has developed into a sophisticated high-tech discipline. Electronically controlled measurements of complex functions provide reliable data for well-founded diagnoses. However, flow rates are still largely measured in the conventional way. This can result in measurement inaccuracy when patients unintentionally knock against the flow meter, producing artefacts that falsify the reading. Furthermore, the results are not always replicable.

The Precise and Cost-Effective Solution

The measurement of flow rate and volume is part of any standard urological examination. It should thus ideally be carried out rapidly, conveniently, and precisely. Andromeda has developed the CONUS, a uroflow system that fulfils these criteria in a unique way.

– The artefact detector ensures that the device is insensitive to vibration during micturition. Precise measurements are assured.

– The modular configuration allows users to conduct extensive diagnosis at the PC, or to print out results on a connected printer.

Convenient CONUS Home- Flow System

The CONUS is so compact and simple to operate that your patients can conveniently carry out nocturnal or periodical measurements over an extended time at home. The CONUS Box stores all the data ready for analysis via printer or PC at your office.


Integration into the PC network is either via a hard cable or wireless connection. Wireless data transfer covers a range of up to 200 metres, even through rooms insulated for x-ray equipment.

The First Windows-Based Uroflow Solution

The CONUS is the first uroflow system to use the AUDACT Windows-based analysis software as standard. By connecting a PC you have a complete integrated uroflow system at your disposal. – Supports the ICS file format, allowing replicable results – Straightforward linking of the results to other urodynamics data – On-line display of flow graphs on the screen – Network compatibility allows efficient patient management.

The AUDACT system

The AUDACT analysis software runs under Windows and is remarkable for the flexibility and extensive features it offers. It is programmed as an MS-Access data base. Patient data, lists, and statistics can easily be analysed and archived. A complete analysis to all ICS standards can be completed quickly and simply using a desktop mouse. The basic version of AUDACT is supplied on CD-ROM at no extra cost with the CONUS.