The modular urodynamics system. Quick, precise and efficient diagnosis

Product Description


  • High-quality reproducible analyses
  • Brief and comfortable examinations
  • Cost-effective and easy to operate
  • Individual system configuration

Quick, Precise and Efficient Diagnosis

The Ellipse system allows all ICS-standardised examinations to be carried out easily and comfortably, delivering the entire spectrum of analytical measurements in just one sitting. High sampling rates maximise measurement density, while an artefact detector identifies and compensates for irregularities occurring during the examination. Powerful integrated software generates high-contrast graphic curves, thus facilitating a sound diagnosis.

Ellipse can be progressively extended in its use by combining standard components with application-specific assemblies.Updates covering new analysis methods are easily integrated into the system, ensuring its long-term utility.

A Single System For the Entire Spectrum of Analysis

Flow measurement – automatic evaluation of flow measurement based on ICS terminology

EMG flow measurement – with useful sound effects (biofeedback) for analysis of sphincter behaviour during uroflow

Cystometry (Pves, Pabd, Pdet) – using external pressure transducers and/or microtip catheters (MTC) for automatic calculation of detrusor pressure

Pressure flow measurement – without reselection of programmed routine for Chess, Linear, PURR and ICS nomogram evaluation.

Urethra pressure profiles – under calm and stress conditions with parallel recording of Pves, Pura and other pressures. Evaluation of pressure profiles includes transmission factors and depression quotients

CLP – minimally invasive measurement of stress incontinence by means of Cough Leak Point Pressure (CLPP)

Rectal manometry – with up to eight channels

Aesophagus manometry – with up to eight channels

Combination with AUDACT

AUDACT is an analysis software and database used to administrate and document urodynamic measurements.

»AUDACT Free« is an introductory version of the software supplied free of charge with every Ellipse system.

»AUDACT Pro« offers maximum convenience and flexibility in the analysis and administration of measurements.

»AUDACT Video« perfects what is possible in urodynamic measurements by synchronously combining measurement values with video sequences.