Full HD Endoscopy Camera feature high-end technology, true HD images, surprising light sensitivity, and true color reproduction

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Product Description

FlexiCam Full HD Endoscopy Camera

FlexiCam Endoscopy Camera feature high-end technology, true HD images, surprising light sensitivity, image enhancement, stun-ning contrast and true color reproduction. Your choice is out of three different camera heads. All are lightweight with significantly low heat build-up. Programmable function keys allow for adjustments like the light intensity directly on the camera head – no need to touch the light controller during surgery.

FlexiCam Straigt FlexiCam Straight
Camera head straight with parfocal zoom
Focal length: 14 to 28 mm, adjustable
Zoom ring
Focus ring
 FlexiCam FixFocus  FlexiCam FixFocus
Camera head straight with fix focal length
Focal length: 14 mm
Focus ring
 FlexiCam Pendolino  FlexiCam Pendolino
Camera head Pendolino, the image is always upright
Focal length: 14 mm
Focus ring
Endocoupler for applications in endourology



Outstanding performance

  • CMOS Native Full HD camera, resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, progressive scan
  • Highest light sensitivity, edge enhancement
  • Latest sensor chip technology features image quality comparable to todays 3-chip HD cameras – at a competitive price

Connectivity par excellence

  • MIS-bus interface for direct light source control via camera head

Optimized for different applications

  • Three different camera heads – same controller
  • Programmable, illuminated function keys on the camera head

Time saving and useful camera presets

  • Optimized settings for laparoscopy, arthroscopy, gynecology, endourology, ENT, fiberscopes, neuroendoscopy, cardiology