Revolix Duo

NEW 2micron dual mode laser for soft tissue surgery and lithotripsy


Product Description

Why Dual Mode?

RevoLix DUO is the only universal laser in urology for lithotripsy, BPH, soft tissue surgery, open and laparoscopic surgery. This versatility is achieved by combining a pulsed Holmium and a 2micron continuous wave (cw) laser in a single box.

2micron CW Laser For Soft Tissue

For surgical applications the 2micron cw laser is used. This laser was invented by LISA laser products specifically for incision, vaporisation and excision of soft tissue. The efficient vaporisation and cutting is striking. Vessels up to app. 1.5 mm diameter are closed while the damage zone is less than 1 mm.

The necrotic zone of resected prostate tissue is less than 0.2 mm as shown in histologies. Laser VapoResection of prostate (VRP) with the RevoLix laser is highly efficient, safe and economic for the treatment of BPH. Contrary to other lasers the RevoLix vaporesection procedure is performed with reusable front firing bare fibres. Tissue samples are available for subsequent histological examination.

Holmium Pulse Laser For Lithotripsy

Lithotripsy in the lower, medial and upper tract with rigid and flexible instruments is accomplished with the integrated Holmium laser. Laser pulses of maximal 7,000 watt peak power fragment any urinary stone irrespective of the chemical composition. Highly flexible laser fibres are most suitable for ureterorenoscopy of the lower calixes by flexible instruments.

FlexGuard is a proprietary insertion sheath for laser fibres into flexible ureterorenoscopes. It prevents damage by laser fibres to the delicate internal working channel thus avoiding costly repairs

Single fibre port

Both laser units of the RevoLix DUO are available from the same fibre port. This feature allows using the same fibre for the vaporisation of tissue and the fragmentation of stones. There is no need to change the fibre or the instrument when changing between soft tissue and stone mode.