Revolix Jr

Your table top surgical 2 micron laser


Product Description

RevoLix jr. – what is new ?

For the first time a surgical laser is available for soft tissue surgery which unifies all advantageous properties of existing laser principles in a single unit:

  • RevoLix jr. offers the cutting and ablation properties like the well known CO2 laser from a flexible fibre – no need for an articulated mirror arm or hollow waveguide.
  • RevoLix jr. laser radiation achieves excellent haemostasis like Nd:YAG and diode lasers – with- out the risk of deep tissue penetration.
  • RevoLix jr. tissue effect is shallow like the Holmium laser – however there is no trauma. Cutting edges are smooth and clean. In open surgery there is no splattering.
  • RevoLix jr. laser radiation is delivered to the surgical site by flexible fibres – ideal for endoscopic, laparoscopic, minimally invasive and robotic surgery.

RevoLix jr. – why Two Micron ?

The RevoLix jr. wavelength at 2.0 micron is almost identical to the well established Holmium laser. This wavelength is known for its suitability for resection and ablation, safe application in an aqueous medium and it generates excellent haemostasis. These excellent properties are due to the efficient absorption of 2.0 micron laser radiation by water which is ubiquitous in any tissue. At the RevoLix jr. wavelength of 2.0 micron the absorption is 2.5 times stronger than at the Holmium wavelength providing even more precise cutting in soft tissue surgery.

RevoLix jr. – why Two Micron cw laser ?

In soft tissue surgery efficient and even cutting combined with strong haemostasis is required. This is provided by the RevoLix jr. laser in an unmatched manner. The new RevoLix jr. laser operates in a continuous wave mode and cuts and vaporizes circulated and white tissue without deep penetration or uncontrolled necrosis. Clean cuts and excellent haemostasis are achieved by moving the beam across the surgical site. Generous Two Micron laser power capacity allows high vaporization and resection rates at no bleeding and short theatre time.

What are the advantages ?

Cutting efficiency of soft tissue and haemostasis is superior to any known alternative. Tissue effect is restricted to less than 1 millimetre beneath the cut. RevoLix jr. preserves excellent vision to the surgical site. There is no vision impairment due to bleeding, excessive bubble formation, tissue fragments orruptured tissue. Unlike visible lasers (KTP, LBO and some diode wavelengths) the surgical site is free of visible glare. The colour neutral laser safety eyewear does not generate discolouration like KTP. Endoscope lenses remain free from splatter when used in open surgery or in laparoscopy.

RevoLix jr. – why is it safe ?

In an aqueous medium the laser effect to tissue is restricted to less than 2 millimetres in front of the tip of the fibre. Any tissue further afield is shielded of by the medium. The same mechanism is protecting tissue and organs adjacent to the cut. Any tissue more distant than 2 millimeters beneath the cut is unaffected by the RevoLix jr. laser. Opposed to KTP, LBO, Nd:YAG and diode lasers this property eliminates the risk of unintentional tissue damage during laser surgery.

What are the applications ?

The RevoLix jr. laser system has demonstrated its superior performance in surgical disciplines such as ENT, Pneumology, Neuro-surgery, Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Urology, Visceral Surgery, Laparoscopy and Robotic Surgery.

RevoLix jr. – operation of the laser

The new laser is easy and safe to operate. The display is easy to understand. Operational modes such as continuous or chopped are selected by push buttons. The power setting is adjusted with a large adjustment wheel. Large characters display the settings on the easy to read display,