Versatile Holmium laser for Urology, Spine, Arthroscopy and ENT


Product Description


  • Adjustable laser pulse duration
  • Programme memory
  • Reusable and disposable applicators and laser fibres
  • Integrated active cooling

Why Holmium?

The Versatile Two Micron Laser

Strong absorption – efficient ablation

The pulsed Two Micron laser radiation of the Sphinx Holmium laser is highly absorbed in water and in biological tissue. The laser energy nis converted into heat within a depth of the tissue of less than 0.5 mm and thus used for ablation purposes by vaporisation of tissue.

Strong absorption – shallow penetration

In soft tissue surgery efficient vaporisation is achieved without deep penetration or uncontrolled tissue necrosis.

Strong absorption – safe operation

In a hydrous solution, the range of the Holmium laser radiation is restricted to the volume immediately in front of the fibre tip thus allowing the safe application also on sensitive surfaces. Tissue more than 5 mm apart from the fibre is screened off by the hydrous solution and will not be affected by the laser radiation.

Short pulses – efficient stone fragmentation

Laser pulses as short as 150 µs make the Sphinx highly effective in the fragmentation of calculi and ablation of hard tissue. The Sphinx Holmium laser is characterised by an extraordinary intense pulse peak power of up to 15 kW.

Long pulses – excellent hemostasis

Long laser pulses of up to 800 µs provide an excellent hemostasis in soft tissue surgery.

Operation of the Laser

The Sphinx Holmium laser is easy and safe to use. The user is guided by easy-to-understand menus. All settings of the laser are displayed by coloured bar graphs which can be recognised at a glance. Due to the bright display, the screen can clearly be read even from a distance. In addition, the user is supported by acoustic signals. Unique features are the vertical fibre port and the extendible fibre support which ensures that the laser fibre is guided to the operating area from above. This arrangement assures, the freedom of action in the OR. Uneven floors and thresholds are easily passed because of the system’s large running wheels and an independent wheel suspension. Considering its mobility and sturdiness, the laser system is best suited for service in multiple operating theatres and mobile services.