Spinx Jr

Sphinx Jr

The ideal instrument for endoscopic lithotripsy with rigid and flexible endoscopes


Product Description

Why Sphinx jr.?

New technology opens new possibilities. Sphinx jr. combines 25 years of holmium laser experience with the latest technology, proven Sphinx-quality and innovative.


The Sphinx jr. is the ideal instrument for endoscopic lithotripsy with rigid and flexible endoscopes.

Adjust the pulse energy, repetition rate and pulse duration to allow optimal adaptation of the tissue effect for lithotripsy and soft tissue surgery.

Optimize the coagulative and ablative laser action by adjusting the pulse duration and pulse peak power.

We offer a wide range of reusable and single-use laser fibres. The most flexible LithoFib and FlexiFib laser fibres were designed specifically for use with modern flexible ureterorenoscopes.

Choice between a red and a green pilot laser. Optionally, the Sphinx jr. is available with a dual paddle footswitch.


The exceptional pulse peak power of the Sphinx jr. allows high rates of stone disintegration and effective tissue ablation. Single pulse and burst mode make the lithotripsy safe and efficient. The high repetition rate provides the possibility of “Stone dusting”.

The effective cooling system makes the Sphinx jr., a long- distance runner even at high ambient temperature. This laser masters both extensive stone work and continued use in soft tissue surgery.


The innovative operating concept enables intuitive operation of the Sphinx jr. The settings of the laser are controlled via a capacitive touch screen. The brilliant 7”wide-screen colour display is highly visible even in less favourable viewing angle. You can save individual treatment parameters for future use.

The Sphinx jr. is the first medical holmium laser, that informs you with a real-time oscillogram at a glance about pulse energy, pulse peak power and pulse duration. The fibre port integrated into the control panel is easily accessible. All equipment surfaces can be cleaned with common detergents and The Sphinx jr. is characterized by its extremely low noise.


The Sphinx jr. just needs a standard power supply. There are no additional installation requirements. The long-lasting reusable laser fibre reduces the cost per application. The durable and service friendly design minimizes the costs for maintenance and repair.


Benefit from more than 25 years experience in Holmium lasers.