Suprapubic / Malecot Catheter

Used for percutaneous placement of a malecot catheter in the renal pelvis for nephrostomy drainage

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Product Description

Key Features:

  • Highly radiopaque for better visualization
  • The Malecot flower design enhanced drainage and promote catheter retention
  • Round tip malecot catheters reduces the trauma to the tissues
  • The Malecot flower design is ideally suited for the drainage of thick viscous fluids


  • Normal Maleecot
  • Suprapubic catheter
  • Round tip
  • Malecot catheter with detachable hubs


  • 8 – 20 Fr, L 20 – 25 Suprapubic
  • 8 – 20 Fr, L 20 – 40 Malecot


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