Vibrolith Plus

High – Performance Ultrasonic / Pneumatic Lithotripter with Integrated Suction Pump.


Product Description

Powerful, User-Friendly, Tissue Friendly, Precise Safe, Powerful, Effective, Quiet, Maintenance Free and Cost Effective.

The Vibrolith Plus is a state of the art high performance ultrasonic/pneumatic combination lithotripter that is technologically light years ahead of the competition. With features such as a multi-microprocessor controlled ultrasonic handpiece that ensures maximum power and performance without worries of overheating, a powerful pneumatic handpiece that fractures even the hardest stone, and an industry first: a built in suction pump that provides clear visualization during endoscopic procedures with superior suction of stone fragments, the Vibrolith Plus makes all nother lithotripters obsolete.

New Generation Ultrasonic Handpiece The Vibrolith Plus features a cutting-edge multi-microprocessor design that controls the ultrasonic energy for maximum power and performance. This intelligent design provides real time feedback that prevents overheating of the ultrasonic handpiece and probe that is common with other lithotripters.

Unique Multi-Mode Coupling Device The Vibrolith Plus features a unique coupling device that combines both ultrasonic and pneumatic hand pieces for use in 3 distinct operating modes: Pneumatic, Ultrasonic and Combination mode. Unlike competing lithotripters, the specially designed coupler eliminates the need to adjust the length of the pneumatic probe prior to use in the combination mode. No More Clamping and Unclamping of Suction During PCNL Procedures! The Vibrolith Plus features an Industry first: an integrated peristaltic suction pump that provides clear visualization during endoscopic procedures and superior suction of stone particles.

The Vibrolith Plus provides pump control via the surgeon-controlled 3-mode foot pedal which eliminates the need to repeatedly clamp and unclamp suction lines to control flow. Additionally, stone fragments are collected in a specially-designed sterile stone collector that can be used to transport stone fragments for analysis. Wide Range of Probes A large variety of both pneumatic and ultrasound probes are available for use with rigid, semi-rigid and flexible endoscopes. Easy to Use Soft Keys and Display The Vibrolith Plus is a user-friendly device that incorporates a hi-tech graphical LCD interface and soft keys instead of bulky switches and knobs that can be difficult to use and clean after a procedure.


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